Varsity ‘N’ Recipients

A Varsity N student athlete must average a 3.2 GPA for the spring and fall semesters and be actively participating in their sport during those semesters. The Ceremony for Varsity N is held in the Spring at the Presidents house, complete with dinner and banquet.  We are very proud of our Varsity N student athletes!


Patricia De La Riva        Peggy Shea

Tracy Blum                   Tara Flanagan

Jody Bittner                  Marianne Dixon

Megan Ching               Kathryn Holloway

Crystal Hahs                 LaJoyce King

Whitney Ligon              Analee Viena-Lota

Bianca Davies               Violet Alama

Ashlee Guay                 Randi Friess

Camille Mahlknecht      Mikayla Thielges

Cinnamon Lister           Emily Cole

Travis Newman             Katelin King

Serafina Maulupe         Tessa Boagni

Caroline Gilling             Claudia Ramos

varsity n randi2016-3-29 event_sm