Varsity ‘N’ Recipients

A Varsity N student athlete must average a 3.2 GPA for the spring and fall semesters and be actively participating in their sport during those semesters. The Ceremony for Varsity N is held in the Spring at the Presidents house, complete with dinner and banquet.  We are very proud of our Varsity N student athletes!


Patricia De La Riva        Peggy Shea

Tracy Blum                   Tara Flanagan

Jody Bittner                  Marianne Dixon

Megan Ching               Kathryn Holloway

Crystal Hahs                 LaJoyce King

Whitney Ligon              Analee Viena-Lota

Bianca Davies               Violet Alama

Ashlee Guay                 Randi Friess

Camille Mahlknecht      Mikayla Thielges

Cinnamon Lister           Emily Cole

Travis Newman             Katelin King

Serafina Maulupe         Tessa Boagni

Caroline Gilling             Claudia Ramos

Eliza Matthews             Hayley Tanabe

Lauren Shymkewicz

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