Destiny Brooks

Favorite food:
Honey BBQ Wings

Favorite movie:
Love and Basketball

Favorite music/artist:
Rap/ Lil Wayne

3 words to describe you:
outgoing, hilarious, generous

Favorite spot at CSUN:
The Oasis

What do you do in your free time:
Workout, watch scary movies, go to the beach and be adventurous

Favorite place to eat in Northridge:
Buffalo Wild Wings

Why did you choose CSUN:
Because of the academic support, no way you can fail here, the relationships between the coaches, the location of the school, and the athletic success of the program.

If you had a super power, what would it be:
Super Speed

Favorite class:

Dream vacation spot:
Bora Bora

Dream job:
Cardiovascular Surgeon

If you could meet three people that ever lived who would they be:
Abraham Lincoln, MLK, and Jesus

Favorite book:
Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman